Mandarin Language House (MLH) is a Malaysian based Mandarin Language Centre, that specialized in providing Mandarin language training, interpreting and translation service. Under Group of Oriental Language Centre.

Oriental Language Centre is the FIRST Korean language specialist in Malaysia that using DIRECTED SELF-STUDY teaching method in teaching Korean language. Learners study in group but able to learn at their own pace and move base on their own learning progress under guidance of a well trained and skilled instructor. The learning materials are special designed by KLH and suitable for Korean language learners who study the language outside Korea.

Mandarin Language House (MLH) is the extension from Korean Language House (KLH) which specializes in providing professional Mandarin language training from zero to advanced level. KLH is well known for our specially designed teaching method called “Directed Self-Study” (DSS), wherein every learner learns a foreign language at their own pace; without being interrupted by other learners. MLH is set to have the same concept with KLH, which is to train a learner through our very own DSS method, and our courses are applicable for both native Mandarin speakers and non-Mandarin speakers.

DSS (Directed Self-Study): For those who are interested to learn Mandarin at their own pace, wherein fast learners can move faster and slower learners can learn at their own pace you may consider to join our DSS Mandarin classes. DSS Mandarin classes are a combination of Mandarin learning and HSK preparation, which helps to provide both learning and testing of the language. DSS Mandarin classes are suitable for those who would like to learn Mandarin conversation, listening, writing and for the preparation of HSK.

Besides DSS, we also provide DTM teaching as per normal language centres. To cater the needs of some learners who are interested to learn Mandarin through classroom teaching:

DTM (Direct Teaching Method): Native tutors will guide learners to practice 4 basic skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) during class. All learners are using same teaching materials and will move at the same progress. DTM refrains from using medium languages such as English or Malay, and mainly focuses on using the Chinese language to conduct classes. This helps learners to develop a sense of the language. DTM classes are suitable for those who prefer to learn conversational Mandarin from native Chinese tutors.

Why MLH?
Specially designed DSS teaching method
 We believe all learners learn differently. Thus, we teach based on an individual’s ability and progress.
 All learners learn at their own pace.
 Fast learners are able to progress faster, while slower learners can learn at their own pace without
having to follow other students’ learning progress.

Specially designed learning materials which are suitable for locals
 Suitable for all foreigners that are learning Mandarin outside of China to learn at anytime and anywhere.
 Syllabus is designed to cater to an individual’s needs.

Using famous supplementary learning materials from China
 The materials used to conduct classes consists of multimedia and interactive learning syllabus.

Efficient and Effective
 We can ensure most of the beginner learners are able to read at least 20-150 Mandarin words within the
first 2 hours of the lesson.
 Most learners will be able to create sentences, to have basic conversation for daily life and to
translate simple sentences within 4-8 lessons.

Learning without stress
 Learners learn at their own pace, teachers will teach based on an individual’s learning progress.
 Fast learners do not need to worry that they have to waste time to wait for other learners while slower
learners also do not need to worry that they cannot catch up with other learners’ progress.
 All syllabuses are specially designed to fit every individual.

Special program to train learners to be an independent learner
 We discourage the “spoon feeding” teaching methodology.
 This program builds a strong foundation for learners so that they can learn without relying on the
teacher all the time.
 We believe learners are able to empower themselves to be a lifelong learner if we help them to develop
self-confidence and independence, as well as passion in language learning.

Reasonable Fee
 Fee includes materials, notes, certificates and preparation for HSK language proficiency exam.
 No hidden costs
 Course syllabus is designed based on HSK. Thus, there is no extra payment for HSK exam preparation class.
 Learners pay a group fee but enjoy individual guiding and teaching.

Save time and money
 Learners can save time and money since they are learning at their own pace. For the same amount of
content, other conversational language centres may take a longer time to complete but learners enrolled
at MLH are able to take a shorter period of time to complete due to their own learning progress
 Fast learners can proceed to higher levels without paying extra fees if they have completed the syllabus
faster than scheduled.

Multilingual Instructors
 Our trained tutors (native and local tutors) are able to provide proper guidance to make the Mandarin
language learning process much easier and smoother.
 Most of our tutors can speak at least main languages: English/Malay. Some of the tutors are able to
speak Korean and Japanese.
 Learners can choose their preferred language to enhance their understanding.

To train Mandarin specialists through Mandarin courses
 We train Mandarin interpreters, translators, tutors, etc. through our specially designed Mandarin course.
 We create working opportunities such as interpreters for business events, translators for drama script
translation jobs, teaching, etc. for learners who have mastered the language.
 Learners have the chance to practice and use the language after learning.

Our Services:

• Mandarin courses
• Mandarin Translating and Interpreting service
English –Mandarin-English
• Study in China and Taiwan
• Study Tour to China and Taiwan
• Online Chinese Bookstore
• Mandarin Tutor Training Program
-Training in Malaysia
– Further Training in China
• Scholarship & Further Study Fund for tutors
• Charity
-Free Mandarin program

Class Venues available:
• SS2(Main Centre)
• Mahkota Cheras
• USJ(Near LRT)
• Ampang(Near LRT)
• Bandar Botanic, Klang
• Setapak/Wangsa Maju(Near LRT)
• Mont Kiara
• Seri Kembangan
• Bukit Jalil
• Kota Damansara(Near LRT)
• Bandar Sri Damansara
• Brickfield(Near LRT)
• Bandar Sunway
• Taman Connaught, Cheras
• Taman Maluri, Cheras(Near LRT)
• Melaka
• Mount Austin, JB
• Melbourne, Australia
• Seoul, Korea
• Busan, Korea
• Jeju, Korea

Our Courses:
• Mandarin for kids (non native or native)
• Chinese Characters Reorganization class (through flash cards)
• Mandarin for adults
• SRJK(C) Mandarin standard 1-6
• SPM Mandarin
• IGCSE Mandarin
• HSK level 1to 6
• YCT (Youth Chinese Test)
• BCT(Mandarin for Business Purpose)
• Corporate In House Training
• Online Mandarin Course (native tutor from China via skype)
• Translating and Interpreting Course
English –Mandarin-English

Online Mandarin Courses:
• Online Mandarin classes via Skype
– both adults and students
• Online Mandarin classes via DSS method
-suitable for those who
1) would like to do more exercises practice discuss answers with tutor
2) are preparing for HSK /YCT/BCT
3) would like to improve writing and reading skills
• Online Mandarin via We Chat or Whatsapp